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Prevention of Sexual Harassment at Work Place: An Advanced Study

This Course will teach you in easy steps on
how to prevent, prohibit and redress an act of sexual harassment at your
workplace. You do not need to hire expensive Lawyers and trainers and could use this Course to understand and do it on your own. This is must for all law students, women employees, all employees of
organized and unorganized sectors, lawyers, Business Owners, In-House
Counsels or anyone interested in protecting someone from sexual harassment
at workplace through his/ her efforts.


    Objectives of Course:

    After doing this course, you will be able to:

    • clearly distinguish what constitutes and what does not constitute sexual behaviour at Workplace and analyze several remedies to prevent such behaviour;
    • study and critically analyze several Indian cases regarding Sexual Harassment at Workplace.
    • implement and draft Workplace policies on prevention of Sexual Harassment at Workplace.
    • constitute a committee in your organization on prevention of sexual harassment at Workplace
    • understand legal obligations of 1) Employers; 2) Non-Governmental Organizations (“NGOs”); 3) Employees; and 4) Members, Compliant Committee.
    • run an organization in strict compliance with Prevention of Sexual Harassment Act, 2013.

    Course Curriculum

    What amounts to Sexual Harassment at workplace? 00:00:00
    Prevalence of Sexual Harassment 00:00:00
    Effects of Sexual Harassment at workplace 00:00:00
    Case Studies & examples of Sexual Harassment 00:00:00
    Module 1, PSHW Awareness Course 00:00:00
    Prevention of Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace Act
    Background of the POSH Act 00:00:00
    Salient features of the POSH Act 00:00:00
    Implementation of the POSH Act 00:00:00
    Legal Obligation of the Employer under POSH Act 00:00:00
    Module II, PSHW Awareness Course 00:00:00
    Constitution of ICC 00:00:00
    Enquiry under ICC 00:00:00
    Sensitization of workers 00:00:00
    Settlement of cases under POSH: How can Sexual Harassment be settled amicably? 00:00:00
    Module III, PSHW Awareness Course 00:00:00
    Constitution of LCC 00:00:00
    Enquiry under LCC 00:00:00
    Model Organizational Policy on Prevention of Sexual Harassment at work place 00:00:00
    Module IV, PSHW Awareness Course 00:00:00
    Penal Provisions
    Penal Provisions under the POSH Act 00:00:00
    Consequences for committing Sexual Harassment at work place under the Indian Penal Code 00:00:00
    Module V, PSHW Awareness Course 00:00:00

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