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About Us

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CSLRA ACADEMY(hereinafter called Academy) is a unit of The Centre for Socio Legal Research and Aid (“CSLRA”) that was founded as a not-for profit and non-Governmental organization.


Academy provides its students with career opportunities in the field of law and social work. These include online free courses in law including Press Laws, Human Rights, Comparative Law, International Law, Cyber Law, Environment Law and many latest legal courses that are required to run and manage the modern day Corporations, Government and Administration of Justice and/or for general legal awareness. The Academy provides Online Law Courses in India and the specialized courses are available as per the Indian Requirements.


CSLRA Academy further provides opportunities of legal research in subjects viz International Law, International Humanitarian Law, Human Rights, Comparative Law and other subjects. Contact us for further information.


Centre for Socio Legal Research and Aid (CSLRA) is a public charitable trust established to serve society and public at large by way of creating awareness about law and justice. Strongly driven by Gandhian Plegal research opportunitiesrinciples, CSLRA is an independent, non-political, nonaligned and non-profitable legal service, aid and advocacy organisation that aims to uphold democratic values in the society and works to accomplish liberty, equality, justice and fair play for every individual.

In a society where cultural, economic and political dimensions are rapidly transforming at a global level, CSLRA has originated at a time when promotion and protection of law and justice in the light of human as well as individual rights has occupied a very crucial space in the overall development and progress of the society. Socially, protection of humane values has primarily been considered to be the responsibility of the administration, therefore, access to law and justice for the poor or uneducated lot is often hard to accomplish.

It is against the above backdrop that the CSLRA has been formed as a responsible and knowledgeable Social Action Entity to address the deep founded problems pertaining to inaccessibility of legal aid or justice in the microscopic thread of Indian society. The trustees envision to create an organisation which can noticeably fulfil the voids in the system, related to legal framework and policy making, to promote effective governance and apt administration by giving further impetus to the core democratic values.  It aims to render legal aid to empower poor people to assert their right within the framework of constitutional governance.

AIMS OF ACADEMY:online law courses in india

  • To strengthen the Citizen of India, Governmental Organizations, Non-Governmental Organizations and Corporates regarding common compliances and general understanding of rule of law and human rights.
  • Supplement the efforts of Law & Business Schools, Bar Council of India to upgrade skills of legal professionals and to make them more responsible socially.


  • Innovative methods of delivering courses that makes it interesting and easy to absorb the courseware.
  • Creative flexible approaches to learning and teaching using modern technology tools.
  • Offering an innovative curriculum developed with the aspirations and interests of the student at the centre
  • Making effective use of new technologies to motivate and inspire students.
  • Nurturing close partnerships with local and international organisations, giving students a wide range of opportunities to experience the world of work.
  • Providing opportunities for students to extend their learning outside of the formal curriculum.