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Union government should take corrective measures to ensure uniform time-zone for the country to meet demand of North East region

It refers to a North-East Rising Conclave organised by a media-group held on 18.11.2015 at Hotel Le Meridien (New Delhi) where several Union Ministers talked about importance of eight north-eastern states of the country. It is time for Central government to accept most genuine demand of north-eastern zone for advancing time-zone of the country because of early sunrise and sunset in that part of the country. Presently there is a time-difference of 127 minutes in east and west zone making leaders of north-east region demand a separate time-zone. But for a country like India with so much illiteracy it is not advisable to have different time-zones for different regions of the country.


Instead Central government should immediately advance time-zone for complete country by half an hour, also as a compromise-formula for a uniform time-zone for whole of the country so that India may be placed in time-zone of GMT+6.00 hours rather than at present of GMT+5.30 hours. Such a change will be beneficial for other parts of the country as well to be in tune with health proverb ‘Early to bed and early to rise makes healthy, wealthy and wise’. Change will also check night-crimes apart from better utilisation of solar energy. National Institute of Advanced Studies has recommended for such a change. Rather Indian government should approach international authorities deciding time-zones so that time-zone for a country may compulsorily be deviated by full one hour from GMT.


India should also take lead in taking up matter of metric-measure of time with concerned international authorities. When all other measures are converted in metric-system from earlier haphazard systems, metric-measure of time has not yet been introduced. Metric unit of time should be introduced with a complete day divided in 10 metric hours instead of present 24 hours. Each metric hour may have 100 metric minutes with a metric minute having 100 metric seconds thereby making a complete day of 100000 metric seconds instead of present 86400 seconds.

November 19, 2015

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